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My new book For Women and Girls Only. Reshaping Jewish Orthodoxy Through The Arts in the Digital Age (NYU Press, March 2024 tells the captivating stories of ultra-Orthodox Jewish women alongside the ones who broke away from religion, and their use of the arts and technology to reshape Orthodoxy.

Below are links to media coverage of the book 

Religion News Service, by Yonat Shimron

Shtetl - Haredi Free Press, by Lauren Hakimi

La Presse, by Rima Elkouri

Tablet Magazine, by Rokhl Kafrissen

Commencing in 2023 as a Katz Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, my journey into the realm of Jewish Healing began. Today, I am deeply immersed in crafting a groundbreaking research initiative titled 'Jewish Healing: Sounds, Body, and the Global Cultures of Wellness.' Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting new project

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